Patting the Sea Urchin

Tansy heard sap-curdling stories about humans stabbed by Sea Urchin Spines.  She is glad she is not Human so she can safely pat them while admiring their rich red colours. The view from Sea Level constantly amazes Tansy.


To get a good panoramic view, you really must achieve a higher altitude.


Climbing Up.

Tansy liked to climb up giant rocks to get a good view of the surroundings.


Climbing Higher Up the rock.

Sometimes she had quite a scramble.


What a View!

It was certainly worth all the effort.


Climbing Up a Tree.

Climbing up a tree is also a good way to get a fantastic view.


Out on a Limb.

Tansy spent many a happy hour sitting in this tree..



A peaceful moment.

Tansy thinks the best perch of all is on the shoulder of a boon companion.


You can learn more about Tansy’s trip  through this link which has posts by her adult friend Ehpem who kindly took her along in his camera bag and pockets.

18 thoughts on “Viewing

  1. The photos, accompanied by Tansy, are making this a most enjoyable journey in nature study from a doll’s-eye-view. Thanks so much for sharing!

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