Mud Glorious Mud.

Tansy didn’t spend the entire time loafing around on the beach and communicating with trees…this was a working vacation after all.  The hard work involves hefting buckets of mud out of the muddy foreshore, and plonking the mud into the screen.  Then it is sprayed with water to reveal objects of interest…a very wet and muddy job. Now you know why she didn’t take off her raincoat!

Clean Screen.

Tansy has a little swing in a corner of the screen after the materials are washed and sorted.



Tansy almost got herself recorded as an archaeological specimen.



Things are excavated carefully. Tansy had a good close look at this one…the 10,700 year old carved stake is the oldest wooden carved object she had ever been this close to.


Culturally Modified Tree.

Humans have made use of the land and habitat for thousands of years, but some evidence is more recent.   Tansy finds a more recently Culturally Modified Tree with chop marks in the forest, not under the ground.


Canoe roughed out.

A roughed out canoe was left in the forest, and is returning to the forest.



After work.

After a hard day’s work Tansy loafs around on the couch in the cabin on Ellen Island (Kilgii Gwaay), while raingear hangs up to dry.


You can learn more about Tansy’s trip  through this link which has posts by her adult friend Ehpem who kindly took her along in his camera bag and pockets.

7 thoughts on “Archaeology

  1. Wow, Tansy’s adventure on Ellen Island is filled with so much history.. Thousands of years ago – wonder what kind of people roamed the forest. That canoe and the tree with the chop marks makes you think of long ago. I have learned so much- Thank you Tansy.

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