Apple Pip in July

Lazy day in Summer.

It is July and not at all warm here yet, but Pip decides to climb up the apple tree to see what is going on.  A few blades of grass and a minute of weaving, and Pip has a little hammock.

Salmonberry Heaven.

The Salmonberry in the hedge has interwoven itself into the apple tree. Pip finds a berry that the birds and Humans have missed, and thinks this must be Paradise.



Who are those people?

Other individuals appreciate the apple tree, but Pip is a bit nervous of them.



The Apples are growing!

The apples are flourishing. Pip thinks they are a beautiful colour.


If you want to see Pip’s adventures in the apple tree, month by month, click this link.


7 thoughts on “Apple Pip in July

    • Salmonberries are native to this area, they are edible and delicious. They are not as strongly flavoured as a raspberry, but are a little sweet. Some are darker orange in colour. I think the name comes from the berry clusters which look like little clumps of salmon roe. We like to gather the berries in the woods, and like the taste so much that we planted some in our native plant hedge.

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