Suitcase Pocket.

Constance, Min, Patience and Fern are ready to travel! Today they take Clipper Ship from our island to Seattle, and tomorrow we’ll travel by plane to the land of trolls and Sagas. Constance loves to travel, and though she hasn’t ever had any  doll company on her adventures before, a few of the Quimper Hitty sisters have wheedled their way into the plans.  Min is hopping with excitement, and Patience is calmly delighted.  Fern, who is destined to stay behind and live with a niece, is delighted at the prospect of belonging to a little girl.  Adventures will be recounted when they return, but in the meantime, there will be some prepared blogs featuring the girls in the garden…see you when we get back!




11 thoughts on “Outbound

  1. Have a great trip girls. Stay clear of live volcanoes and don’t annoy the puffins – you know where that can get you. Fern, I hope your new little girl sends pictures for the blog from time to time so we can all keep up with your adventures.

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