Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

The weather is cold, but the Quimper Hittys are keeping warm!!!

18 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. I’m with the dolls, a cup of hot chocolate perhaps? or tea? This portrait of them is beautiful…good enough to be framed and gazed upon on a cold day.

  2. I have only recently found about about Hitty and friends and I am over the moon. I have worked really hard to make my own out of an apple tree branch but she’s pretty rough. I’m making plans to take one of Janet Cordell’s 5 day workshops. What I want to say is how excited I am to find your blog with all the wonderful photos. Is the chair in this photo home made? It’s wonderful.

    • I am so glad you found your way here! The chair looks home made, but we bought it in a charity shop, so I don’t know it’s origin. Your Hitty will be beloved even if she is rough, apple is a hard wood to start with. Constance is the first doll I carved, and I can see all her individualities, but she is very dear to me. Taking a class will teach you so much!

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