Orlando Furioso

A pleasant afternoon with a little Handel.

On a foggy damp chilly November Saturday afternoon, Constance makes a pot of tea, chooses a good book, and turns on the Radio for CBC Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Bill Richardson.

She was very interested in the story of Orlando, because it concerns the exploits of Charlemagne’s  brave knight Orlando (also known as Roland) before he met his heroic death 1234 years ago.  A mere two years ago, Constance walked through the Pyrenees mountains and past the very rock near Roncesvalles where Roland blew his horn before succumbing to his injuries.

The famous 1516 epic poem Orlando Furioso, by Ludovico Aristo has a rather fantastical and complicated plot, so Constance just gave herself up to the lovely music by Handel and memories of her 2010 Camino Trek.

To view Constance’s other opera reviews go to this link or to see pictures from her Camino trek click this link.


12 thoughts on “Orlando Furioso

  1. I love the spools of thread she’s using as furniture! Cozy is definitely the right word for the scene she created.

  2. Wonder if Constance is concentrating on the books or the Opera……What a wonderful setting, so cozy and that pot of hot tea just completes the picture.

    • Thanks! The tea was very nice (ask the nice ladies at Murchie’s in Victoria to make you up some Sandiland’s tea from their little black book) the music was lovely too, and a fire in the wood stove made the afternoon just perfect.

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