Aïda at the MET

Constance studies the Hittites.

Constance admires the Hittite curly-toed shoes.

The MET live HD broadcast of Aïda was terrific, with fraught singing, and spectacular sets.   Constance enjoyed the really interesting intermission features, especially the visit to the archives which has costumes of previous Aïdas, and also the interview with the horse handler (yes – live horses on stage!).  The ending of the opera was wrenching, with the Egyptian general Radames and his forbidden love Aïda walled up in the tomb as the rival princess Amneris shed a real live tear!

The Hittites were a rival state during the time of the Ancient Egyptians, much like the Ethiopians are in this opera… The Hittites also variously conquered and were conquered by the Ancient Egyptians. Constance (a genuine Hittite, having been carved in Turkey) feels a certain sympathy to the situation of the Ethiopians in the opera.


Constance listened to the MET’s broadcast of Aïda last year, to see her reflections on that event, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Aïda at the MET

  1. Wow! Imagine a genuine Hittite Hitty! If only I had known that when I met Constance. Well, at least I can say that I did meet her!!

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