Icelandic Jólasveinar 5



Min’s painted Swedish clogs are missing, so she borrows Constance’s curly-toed  Hittite Shoes…she considers lack of potatoes a good thing, but if new shoes doesn’t result in a little present this time she is going to do some more research….can any Icelanders offer advice?  Is it true she should leave some milk and cookies next to the shoes?



The fifth Yule Lad to come is Pottasleikir, also known as pot-licker – he comes on December 16th!


To read all about the 2012  Jólasveinar visits to the Quimper Hitty cupboard, click here.


The Jólasveinar tradition is explained in this website here.



8 thoughts on “Icelandic Jólasveinar 5

  1. What a relief to not have to do the dishes! There are enough other things to do at Christmas without pots and spoons to clean.
    I like that second video on the link you have today. I think if that artist grew a beard he could fit right into his illustrations.

  2. Min can and will always do as she pleases – after all, her older sister is Constance who also has a hitty mind of her own. Leaving milk and cookies near the curly toe shoes along with dirty dishes is great for the lickers and I agree, more Yule Lads should visit Victoria.

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