Icelandic Jólasveinar 4



Consternation in the Hitty Cupboard – Constance can’t find her potatoes – she was going to make them into Latkes.  She can’t find her big spoon either,  and Min can’t find her shoes.



Þvörusleikir 2The fourth Yule Lad to come is Þvörusleikir, also known as spoon-licker – he comes on December 15th! Maybe he is a shoe, potato and spoon-stealer too!


To read all about the 2012  Jólasveinar visits to the Quimper Hitty cupboard, click here.


The Yule Lad tradition is explained in the Icelandic Yule/Jól website here.




8 thoughts on “Icelandic Jólasveinar 4

  1. Do you suppose the girls laid a trail of crumbs from Iceland after their trip this year? I have not known the Jólasveinar to visit this part of the world before. And, if I had cold blue feet like that I would be looking to borrow shoes as well.

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