Maria Stuarda 2

Carried away by the music.

Carried away by Donizetti.

Because of flu sweeping through the household, Constance was lucky to make it to the Metropolitan Opera’s “Live in HD” presentation of  Maria Stuarda. We were all looking forward to admiring the 16th century clothing in this production, and were gratified to see the set and costume designer John Macfarlane interviewed during the intermission. We loved the swishing ladies in their farthingales, and the men in doublets and hose – AND codpieces!!  The music was divine, and the human chaperone, suffering from laryngitis, was impressed with the lovely voices of the principal singers…not a dry eye in the house as Mary bid farewell to her ladies-in-waiting before mounting the scaffold…

Constance has previously seen this opera live in a presentation by Pacific Opera Victoria, to see her review of that performance, click this link.  For all of Constance’s other opera reviews in this blog, go to this link


7 thoughts on “Maria Stuarda 2

    • Why, thank you. The dress is one of her favourites, made from a hemp shirt from the thrift store. She does not think her wardrobe is astonishing, and she does share it with eleven sisters! She still has hopes for a new smock, and kirtle, and maybe some blackwork sleeves and an embroidered gown.

    • It was a lot of fun to make. I did the piecework first and then cut out the bodice shape. The fabric is very nice to work with – like linen, the folds stay where you want them to, and you need very little seam allowance, so it is not too bulky….

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