Cricket Quilt

Tansy takes a nap

Tansy takes a nap

Further uses for disassembled Yoyos… Half of the fabrics in this mini quilt are from the Yoyo quilt fabrics – but the green border is a reproduction of 1930’s print, the small blue print on white background is reproduction 1860’s print, and the dark red and blue fabric is probably from the 1900 – 1920’s, a piece from my grandma’s scrap bag.  I did the quilting by the “stitch in the in the ditch” method, because I didn’t see stitching in the book illustration.


Tansy tries out the quilt inspired by the illustration in “Hitty, Her First Hundred Years”.  She feels that Hittys are a little too old to sleep in a cradle, so she uses the cello bridge bed to demonstrate napping under a quilt. If I manage to keep turning yoyos into Hitty quilts, I have only nine more to go!



10 thoughts on “Cricket Quilt

    • Thanks! I got the cello Bridge idea when I saw my son playing the double bass – those beautiful carved bridges looked like head and foot boards to me, but too big for a Hitty – the cello bridges are broken ones from a shop that fixes stringed instruments.

  1. Tansy looks very peaceful under her lovely quilt. The idea of a cello bridge bed is ingenious!
    Her cricket friend is so sweet!

  2. Hittys can never have too many quilts. Great job on the quilt! The fabrics are beautiful! I have a small collection of doll beds (Hitty scale), but I don’t have a Cello Bridge Bed. It’s a nice looking bed and would like to get my hands on a similar one. Did you make or purchase it?

    • I was inspired by my son’s double bass bridges, thought they looked like bed material so I went to a Luthier and asked if there were any broken cello ones I could buy…they are unusable on a cello if cracked, but don’t need to withstand that kind of tension in doll furniture unless the Hittys are prone to bouncing on the beds.

  3. I would be nervous if a cricket that size sat next to my bed, and perhaps deafened as well. The Hittys seem very relaxed about things like this.

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