Constance loves going to live Opera productions – they are so much fun.  Guiseppe Verdi’s last opera Falstaff, is the first production of the 2013/2014 Pacific Opera Victoria season.  To prepare for this Opera we studied the libretto, listened to the CD twice, and went to a “behind the scenes” event in which a volunteer from the audience was dressed, wigged and made-up into the rollicking old gentleman.  A certain photographer and his Falstaffian companion attended the launch of “Falstaff Beer”, but forgot to carry Constance in his pocket, so she did not get a taste. 




Last night we went to the performance and were swept away by the silly story, great performances, glorious set and costumes, and of course the music (especially the cimbasso which was flown in from New York especially for this production)!



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4 thoughts on “Falstaff

  1. I rather thought that Constance does not approve of a crush of beer drinking men. Even when they are drinking a brew specially made for the opera by local microbrewery Hoynes, available only at the opera, and named Falstaff Ale! But perhaps her love of opera suggests a tolerance, even for too many beery men, that is not evident in her immaculate dress and proper manners.

    • Constance would have enjoyed the lecture on ancient ales by the brewmaster, and is willing to sacrifice much in the name of research. However she thinks that probably any images of the event would have been blurry.

  2. oh what a glorious evening Constance enjoyed. My girls are in awe of her opera adventures. And as she is the perfect lady we are all sure that no gaggle of beer soaked men could ruffle her composure!! Thanks for a fine story.

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