La Vera Constanza



Constance has been waiting all fall to hear this Opera by Joseph Haydn, presented on CBC’s Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.  She and the cat settle down to listen to the Radio show, now hosted by Ben Heppner. She is predisposed to like the opera because of the name: La Vera Constanza .  The Opera is sung in Italian, and is a “Dramma Giocoso” which means it is a Comic Opera that has a plot skirting very close to Tragedy.






Constance imagines she is the lovely Rosina, an Italian fisher-girl,  secretly married to Count Errico.  They have a young son together, but rumours of their “entanglement”  have reached the Count’s Aunt… she develops various plots to separate them, but despite all the machinations, Rosina is constant to the count, and he to her. The opera ends with the entire cast singing the praises of Constance and Virtue. Hitty Constance does not get a swelled head as she understands that it is all operatic fiction, (but it is nice to be praised in song).  The cat wished there had been more songs about fish.


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6 thoughts on “La Vera Constanza

  1. The girls and I were so pleased to learn that there was an opera named after our favorite heroine!! I do love that pleated skirt that Constance is wearing. And we all enjoy seeing the cat all snuggled down on her lap. A lovely afternoon with Constance..what could be better.

  2. Hitty Constance is really pleased – to watch an Opera with her name in it. She is wearing a beautiful outfit – ‘to grace the occasion.’— I am sure the cat wishes she could have an Opera with stories about fishes !!!

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