Warming the cockles

An unexpected gift

An unexpected gift

The Quimper Hitty friends have been wondering how Tansy is doing in the frosts of Winnipeg during the coldest winter in 64 years! They are all experiencing a bit of a chill too as the Polar vortex has stretched a chilly arm all the way out to Victoria. We are sitting at -4.4 at the moment, cold enough for us thank you very much.

Constance often rides to work in her human’s pocket – it takes about an hour to walk from work back to the Hitty Cupboard. Constance has not been amused by the weather, her little pegs are loosening with the dry chill. She was SO surprised to find a dear little parcel with the cheerfullest warmest little yellow I spy quilt in it from a Hitty friend, sent with no warning and just from the goodness of her heart! 

 Constance snuggled right under it with the cat while the human built up the fire in the woodstove and made us both tea… a little gift to warm the cockles of a human heart (and Constance’s aching joints!)


12 thoughts on “Warming the cockles

  1. That is a very lovely gift to the Quimpers from the Hitty friend. It’s perfect for the temps you’re experiencing especially with the brightness. It’s as if the sun were brought right to the doll cupboard.

  2. Marie Claire spotted the little block with the tiny chickens…she is VERY impressed. The rest of us were
    taken with the lovely yellow quilt! We are also experiencing FRIGID temps and huddling beneath our
    blankets. Lovely photo!!

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