Tansy arrives in Winnipeg



Our brave and daring Tansy Has gone off to Winnipeg, and thanks to the wonders of Canada Post Tracking numbers we could see that she arrived today!

Tansy arrives in Winnipeg

Tansy arrives in Winnipeg

Much to our delight, her kindly and considerate host sent us a picture almost immediately!  Tansy has got her wish to experience a Canadian prairie winter, including snow over her head. She’s glad she brought her sled!



A restorative cup of tea

A restorative cup of tea

It was very gratifying to see that Tansy has landed in a house that understands the restorative properties of Tea!

See Tansy’s Journey by clicking here.



16 thoughts on “Tansy arrives in Winnipeg

  1. Brrr. The girls left at home seem quite anxious to learn of Tansy’s arrival. Understandably since the mail planes are cold – I hope she had lots of insulation as well as that nice coat.

    I see that Patience and Rose have coordinated clothing today. They must have been hanging out together!

  2. A warm cup of tea after experiencing snow and travel as well is of course very necessary and we can see she has settled in already for her adventures. What fun she is going to have.

    • I think she will have a great time! Many Hittys take after the Book Hitty, and love to travel and have adventures. I hope Hitty Madge has tea waiting for her after her flight to New Zealand!

  3. Dear little Tansy, We’re glad she has arrived safely in Winnipeg, how snowy it looks!  But her coat looks magnificently warm.  I just love her lovely red inside outfit.  We’re going to mark Winnipeg on our cloth map of the US (plus… 8 inches of Canada LOL) .. and put a little doll figure there.  Tansy is one of my favourites out of the Hittys I’ve been looking at all month :-)))   Glad to think of her drinking Restorative Tea.  I hope the other Quimper Hittys don’t miss her too much and have some fun.  Is Tansy visiting with another doll? Love from the WrenCottageDolls 🙂

  4. Nothing like a hot cup of tea (English style) to warm you up, while it is freezing cold outside. Enjoy your stay in Winnipeg, Tansy dear. Your hitty sisters will surely miss you and look forward to all the tales of your adventure!!

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