More Fun with Noro Lace

Chart Line 1

Chart Line 1

We thought it would be fun to show the progress of Rose’s favourite Noro Lace Shawl from this…




…to this……


We’ve inserted a gallery so you can see the knitting progressing line by line on the chart…the row just completed is the row below the wooden ruler.

If you click on any image below, you will get a large view, and then use the side arrows to navigate.



We are very happy with the Lonely Tree Noro Lace Hitty shawls, thanks very much to Ravelry, and specifically to Softsweater who designed it!



14 thoughts on “More Fun with Noro Lace

  1. You and the Quimper Hittys make life so much fun with your vibrant photos, instructive posts and satisfying treats. Thank you so much.

  2. So pretty. My girls are so jealous. I love the way the color changed right at the edge and how each of them in the previous post was just a little different.

    • Thanks – I like the way the edges of the shawls just did that on their own from the way the ball of yarn was dyed…. I think your girls would enjoy a brighter coloured ball of Noro Lace yarn…try checking google images for a feast of colour.

  3. Just gorgeous! I was wondering what Noro was – the yarn or the patterns. I love that yarns and rovings seem to have more colors that just pop! Good to see you are still knitting for the little ones!

  4. well all I can say is…MAGIC!!! Sheer magic!! It is such a lovely shawl. Rose is to be complimented on her
    skill and elegance. Lovely.

    • Rose is quite the knitter! She had a special reason to knit three shawls, but liked the way they were turning out, and just kept knitting. I think she is up to seven at the moment!

  5. Is it possible to get a copy of the Shawl Pattern? I have a beautiful TC Vollum Hitty. Have not knit lace but wanting to try.

    • Hello Ann! So nice to meet you! I think you need to belong to Ravelry to get the pattern. That is an on-line group of people who practice the textile arts, at all levels of skill from beginner to expert. Joining is free, and that particular pattern is also free. I feel I might be cheating the pattern designer if I started handing it out…but I am sure you can find it there – it is called the Lonely Tree Shawl, and was designed by “Softsweater” . I hope you make your Hitty a shawl! Every Hitty needs one!

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