Agathe’s foot (shipwreck 5)



 Min and Agathe have had a tremendous amount of fun in the last few days – but this morning Agathe’s foot fell off!  She is sure it has nothing to do with getting her feet wet and hopping about in various locations, such as shipwrecks and sea caves.

Sweets for the sweets

Sweets for the sweets

The offending foot has been re-glued, and taped under tension. Agathe ordered to stay off it for at least 24 hours…Min decided to treat the invalid with cookies and the usually forbidden can of pop!



An Awesome Crutch

An Awesome Crutch

And they found a new use for the broadsword.



22 thoughts on “Agathe’s foot (shipwreck 5)

  1. Goodness gracious! Agathe and Min are quite the adventurous pair! Rachel Fields could not have come up with a better sequel!!!! Thank you for the wonderful moments!!!!

  2. This minor disaster has not seemed to lessen the cheeriness of the QH cupboard. It’s always a boon to read of the courage that comes from this particular Hitty cupboard.

  3. Oh thank goodness – a safe use of the broadsword! Poor Agathe. Distressing for all. However, she’s still looking cheerful and carrying on as if nothing happened. I do hate when parts fall off, though.

    • After the 24 hours are up, I don’t think it will slow her down any! Mungo says he would verry much like the sword back when she is done with it so he can learn the Highland Sword dance….his spirit is more than willing to try and we’ll see if his pegs are or not!

  4. Oh dear. I’m so sorry the peg drilling mishap caused a lasting problem! Hopefully Agathe will fully recover and the dropsy will not occur again.

  5. Goodness this was quite a shock. At first I had this vision of Agathe with a pirate like wooden peg leg!! So
    happy to hear that the injury can be remedied with good glue and some rest. And of course some excellent
    soda pop in my favorite flavor is a sure fire ingredient to any recovery. Min is such a thought little sister.
    Again you have outdone yourself with fun photos!!!

    • Agathe was keen on the wooden peg-leg idea, but her human was not! She does have a dowel holding her foot on, but it is not meant to be exposed!
      Glad you liked the pictures, Agathe and Min are perfectly happy to have a cookie and pop hiatus between adventures!

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