Opal and Agathe Help with the Harvest

Found One!

Found One!

Big juicy,ripe red apples  are all over the King Apple tree in our back yard.


Jump Harder!

Opal and Agathe help with the harvest…


Apple Pile

Apple Pile

The girls are pleased with themselves…



Oh! Deer!

Oh! Deer!

The wildlife gets the windfalls, closely supervised by the cat!



8 thoughts on “Opal and Agathe Help with the Harvest

    • We have an archival photo of the neighbourhood taken in 1950, in which there is no sign of the apple tree. So the tree is less than 64 years old, and though still producing apples, it loses a major limb every few years 😦
      We love the tree, it was a great climbing tree when the kids were little, and though it happens all at once, we like making the fruit into all our favourite apple treats!

  1. Lovely photos and as MftFC mentioned, good old fashioned pleasure yields satisfying results. Applesauce is abounding here with our accumulated apples.

  2. ahhhh Fall! Great photos of the girls and that wonderful tree. We are also enjoying a fall apple harvest and
    some great pears. Apple butter and Pear baked pudding are on the menu. .

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