Carline's finished

Carline’s finished!

Here is my newly carved Hitty, Carline…


Help Climbing Up

Help Climbing Up

She is carved out of Cherry wood, and was finished on New Year’s Day.  She has already appeared in this blog in various states of incompletion…Click the word “Carline” here, or in the categories at the right of the screen to see all the posts with her in it.





Tatty and Carline are certainly sisters – for one thing, they both seem to delight in dashing about wearing nothing but their under wear!



Happy Girl

Happy Girl

In August 2015 she packed her belongings and went to another household, where she has the company of Hitty friends, and a lovely Dollhouse to live in.



27 thoughts on “Carline

  1. Lovely work on Carline. You are truly a lovely carver AND painter! as well as textile fashioner extraordinaire. Thanks for such encouragement and inspiration. Carline looks to be well matched to Tatty. May I ask, where did her name come from?

    • Thank you! Car’line is a name from the book “Hitty” – she is the little girl given Hitty by her brother after he fishes her out of the river…but, this Carline is named after the band my son was on tour with when I first started carving her in the fall – The Carlines. And They are named after the longitudinal pieces of wood in a boat that help to stabilise and support the deck beams.

  2. Carline is delightful! She looks a bit restless but perhaps that is natural when they first get legs. Her and Tatty have a strong family resemblence!

  3. Oh my isn’t she adorable? You have become such a wonderful carver. I am totally impressed with your talent and imagination. Carline is a total cutie. Also love her unders! I suspect she will be featuring in many adventures and I look forward to seeing and hearing all about her.

    • I am so grateful to my teachers, encouragers and aiders-and-abettors in the doll-making sphere…this includes all the lovely people who say nice comments on this blog – like you! Carline will no doubt have a fine life here in the Quimper Hitty Cupboard, she can hardly help having fun and adventures when there are fellow Hittys aiding and abetting!

  4. She is wonderful! Love her expression – and her shoes – and her unmentionables! She does exude personality and that is important in a Hitty!

    • I’m glad you like her Cherry-coloured shoes – a nod to her wood of origin… She is happy in her borrowed under wear – it is cold enough that she needs to wear something while I am making her a little dress. I think she’ll be an amusing and steadying friend to the slightly giddy Tatty.

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