Carline’s Clothes

A Splendid Box of Treasure

A Splendid Box of Treasure

An unexpected Hoard appeared at our house at an opportune moment. In it was the most delightful selection of snips and scraps, books, buttons and lace…Carline dived right in and picked out a beautiful Turkey Red print…


Bodice Lining

Bodice Lining

In this picture you can see several things I normally do when dolly dressmaking, all with the intention of making the dress drape and fit nicely.

First, the lining is very flimsy, worn thin gauze, a much lighter weight than the bodice fabric.

Second, the dress fabric at the front is cut on the (almost) straight of the grain, but I’ve turned the lining to 45 degrees so the front has a bias lining.

Third, I’ve cut out the bodice and sewn the centre back and neck edge to the uncut lining fabric.

Fourth, I’ve stitched up the centre back and around to the shoulder area using a back stitch.  Around the front of the neck area to the second shoulder, it is a running stitch.  I pull this part of the stitching very slightly then anchor it at the second shoulder, before finishing with a back stitch. Doing this will round the neck area slightly, which will make it lie flatter against the doll’s chest.

I will next cut the part of the lining  following along the centre back and neck of  the bodice (the edge where I’ve stitched).  Then snip the curved neck edge up to the stitching line, and then turn the whole thing right side out.  Then I will baste along all the raw edges of the bodice piece, and Then finally cut off the excess lining fabric.





Half-pint and Carline are excited about the impending clothes!



We like to wear red!



Big and Little

Big and Little

Two dresses for two happy girls.



18 thoughts on “Carline’s Clothes

    • It is perfect for her, isn’t it – many thanks to the zephyr who directed the Turkey Red scrap to the Quimper Hitty cupboard! I like the dropped shoulder, but if you didn’t there are a few ways to avoid it – either make the armhole seam wider when sewing or move the buttons to make the neck hole slightly smaller.

    • The are pleased – I was worried that Carline would want to stick to her under wear, but she is very happy with the dress, however I might put a tuck in the skirt so you can see her red shoes!

  1. Carline is lovely in red!! That is a great print, just right for her and her tiny companion. Thanks for the tip on doing the bodice liner as as to make it on the bias. Who knew?? not me!! Thank you for the instruction. And thanks for sharing Carline with us. She is a looker.

    • I think red is Carline’s colour alright! I am happy to share her, she is a little scrap of goodwill. Along with Tatty she will, no doubt, keep things hopping in the Hitty cupboard. I pick up tips here and there – sometimes they work for me and sometimes not…it is hard sewing at this scale, so if I find something that works, I am happy to pass it on!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with all that has been written so far. Thank you, Mistress of the Quimper Hitty Household for sharing yet another of your instructionals as well as delight in the QH doll house.

    • Thank you very much – the fabric was a gift from a friend – it is genuinely old fabric and you’d have to look for something like it in a thrift shop or some other second hand market.

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