Half-Pint Modesty

Box of girls

Box of girls

The girls are done!


Modesty Kicking in

Modesty Kicking in

But it seems that as soon as dolls have faces, they begin demanding clothing.



Not Quite Right!

Not Quite Right!

…and true to form, the half-pints have taken matters into their own hands…apparently there will be no rest for the Quimper Hitty seamstress in 2015!



22 thoughts on “Half-Pint Modesty

    • I tried different things, it was fun to make them all the same but different. It was much more satisfying than painting and scrubbing the face off the same doll! I am absolutely certain that each has her own fashion idea!

  1. Bravo!! Good job, lovely paint job that brought these little imps to life. I look forward to seeing them clothed…I hope the Quimper Hittys are not feeling too neglected in their cupboard! fun photos…as always!

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