Winter Gardens

Corkscrew Hazelnut

Corkscrew Hazelnut

We don’t normally experience abundant snow, but have had a deluge of rain for the last few days.  At the first sign of  a break in the clouds, Agathe and Opal dashed outside for some fresh air…they found some beautiful things have been going on in the garden despite the 30 mm of rain in the last 24 hours…they found Hazels beginning to produce leaf buds and catkins!

White Heather

White Heather

…a drift of snowy heather blooming valiantly…


Red Berries

Red Berries

…spikes of gorgeous red Cotoneaster berries…




…the last of the fennel umbels…



…and the first of the snowdrops!


13 thoughts on “Winter Gardens

  1. In our vicinity, we would heartily concur that your winters are very minimal…blooming snowdrops!!!! unheard of. Enjoy your lovely flora and fauna in your part of the world little Hittys! For those of us experiencing deep arctic-type weather, it’s nice to see such lovelies out there elsewhere in the world.

    • We have minimum snow, but maximum grey, which is its own kind of difficult weather. Sometimes the dismal days are thoroughly dark, dreary and depressing. We try and emulate the plants around here which just get on with their cycles of existence and take heart in a little bud here and a little flower there!

  2. ahh lovely photos. We have no snow or ice but instead temps so bitter we are not venturing out except to do chores! Nothing budding or blooming here so your garden is quite a welcome visit for us. Thank you to Opal and Agathe for bravely venturing forth and to their photographer for tagging along!

    • Br-r-r I hope you are keeping warm. Opal and Agathe are glad of their cat hoodies, which are almost as good as having real fur! We are glad it stopped raining for a bit! Lately it has been raining too hard to take the girls out in it, with flooded roads caused by backed up storm drains and mud wallows on the walk home from work.

  3. Our winters are never too cold, so it is nice to see the girls all dressed up in winter clothes and enjoying the outdoors.

  4. 16 degrees this morning upon rising! The Wiregrass Hitties are cold! But it cheers them, as always, to take a peek into OHG’s (Other Hittys’ Gardens) and see what’s coming up, blossoming or otherwise growing. Lovely garden-lovely photos.

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