February Cookies of Love



Opal and Agathe are messing around in the kitchen again!

The Recipe

The Recipe

They have found an interesting-looking piece of kitchen equipment, in a box with a recipe on it!

A two Hitty Job

A two Hitty Job

The Spritzer was harder to operate than they thought it would be…

Cookies of Love

Cookies of Love

…but they still managed to help make one hundred and forty-four cookies of love! Your cheerful help is always welcome, girls!!


8 thoughts on “February Cookies of Love

  1. I don’t think you could live without all the help that you get from your Hittys! What a massive job. I love your Hittys’ adventures or should I say, daily activities?

  2. Ahhhh more fun kitchen adventures. I believe my girls are becoming inspired and have asked me to assist them in baking cookies for the dogs!! Love how happy your kitchen helpers are.

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