POV Madama Butterfly

Constance Loves the Opera

Constance Loves the Opera

Live opera can be an emotionally draining and totally enthralling experience! We just returned from  Madama Butterfly , Pacific Opera Victoria’s final offering this season.  Constance knows that this opera  is pretty much a reflection of European fascination with the “Far East”, and not an accurate portrayal of real life (after all how many operas are?)  but this is certainly one of the saddest stories of all time.  The production was marvellous: the singing gorgeous; sets, lighting, and costumes very beautiful; music just divine... our eyes were too blurry to read all the surtitles, and we were insufficiently stocked with hankies last night.

Puccini wrote the heart-rending music to a libretto by David Belasco (who once lived here in Victoria!) Interesting background information about the opera, this production and it’s peculiar connection to Victoria is at the POV website.  Click here for the very informative web page, and a link to scenes from the dress rehearsal.

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8 thoughts on “POV Madama Butterfly

  1. As always our Constance is the very picture of serenity and calm. Watch Opera and Carry On!! Love the way the photo has been staged…just perfect.

    • We did make this dress specially for opera – I don’t remember which was the first opera we went to, but it is the dress we most often go to when there is opera in the offing.

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