April Weeds



Carline and Tatty stroll through the jungly verge…

English Daisies

English Daisies

They come across little flourishes of weeds and wildflowers.


Miner's Lettuce

Miner’s Lettuce

Some “Miner’s Lettuce” in the cool damp areas…

Hen Bit

Hen Bit

…and “Hen Bit” in the dryer scrubby places.

Wild geranium

Wild geranium

They love flowers, wild, tame, weed or domestic!


12 thoughts on “April Weeds

  1. Have you ever noticed that the wild flowers are usually more Hitty-sized than the tame ones are?
    I think there’s something philosophical about that.

    • Most of the Hittys I know spend much time making observations – perhaps that counts as philosophizing. I think I know what you mean – the wild geraniums around here in particular are very much smaller and more retiring than the tame ones, and I do think the Hittys are small and innocent compared to some humans…. however, I do know two other certain little dolls who are trying to track down a skunk cabbage…

  2. delightful photos. We are also exploring the wild flowers in our hay fields and fence rows. As always Marie Claire admires your Hen Bit!!

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