Mysterious Bottle

Mysterious Bottle

Opal, Agathe and Min discovered a mysterious bottle rolling about in a tide pool.

prodding the bottle

prodding the bottle

Opal used a handy bit of driftwood to prod the bottle towards the edge…



…and upon fishing it out, the girls discovered the top was firmly sealed with wax…



…and had what appeared to be a carefully folded piece of parchment stuck inside!



…the prize was carried in triumphant procession back to the Hitty cupboard for closer examination!


14 thoughts on “Intrigue

  1. What a perfect sized bottle. Almost as if it were intended for a hitty. I am so glad Opal is out of her glum and on with her next adventure. Didn’t she begin her visit exploring a shipwreck?

  2. Oho….message in a bottle!! Another water related adventure for the girls. We can hardly wait to hear more about this mystery.

    • The Beach is a never-ending source of delight to the Quimper Hittys – but they never in their wildest dreams thought they’d ever find a bottle with a message in it!

  3. When Opal has left, they will need a distraction from the heartfelt emptiness she will leave in her wake. Their joyous greeting is etched in my mind. Are Opal’s journals filled with good entries? I love them!

    I have been following daily, not knowing where you and your Hitties were, but recognising some of where they were pottering about – until there they were at the mOss Street Market, and Beacon Hill, and I think you even let slip that their human was indeed based in Victoria.

    I have sent some of your posts to the mother of a 3-year-old who does not “know how to play”and who herself has had need of just another dimension to life when life gets too adult/stressful/lacking in the sense of perspective humour – and play – can open up.

    The last comment I added to the link to Opal and Agathe was “I LOVED today’s photos and activity… I feel such affection for these little beings, and I’ve never even met them!”

    Her reply delighted me:

    “Well surely as they’re so close by couldn’t you invite them to SSI? You could send an invitation with a pre-stamped package envelope included large enough to fit them inside for the owner to send them to you?

    Then you could take them around to the spots only islanders know, (Sanatan’s toy workshop, the little doors up Mt Erskine, etc) photograph them and then send them back after the weekend.

    It would sort of be like them going on an exchange!”

    Salt Spring Hitty-scale attractions: – the wooden vehicles in my neighbour Sanatan’s toy workshop (and his decorative bird boxes each with an old metal number plate bent for a roof) – the famed fairy doors of Mt. Erskine (first perhaps the window display in Ganges of local artists’ renditions of wooden doors) – the playground crystal path in the woods in the South End (Hatfield Rd/Lane/trail?) – downtown Ganges’ fairy corner (of variable quality) – the natural world – of Salt Spring Island

    • Hi and thank you for your very kind comments. It is always fun to hear from people who like the Quimper Hittys, and it is especially fun to know there are friendly followers nearby! Thanks for sharing the blog with the mother-of-a-three-year-old. I think there are so many big issues out there it is nice to take a break and just have fun, and remember the small delights in life. We do occasionally visit Salt Spring Island, and next time I do I will certainly bring a Hitty and might try and look you up!

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