Supermoon Eclipse

Setting Up

Setting Up

Min, Opal and Agathe were all excited about the Supermoon Eclipse this weekend.  For once it is not raining! After dinner they trotted down to the eastward-facing headland, and set up their telescope….



…and waited for the eclipsed moon to rise out of the fog bank…..

The Moon!

The Moon!

There it is!!!





17 thoughts on “Supermoon Eclipse

  1. yes It was WOW! I have watched before the eclipse and also I saw the dark red sky at the end of times of the eclipse… But I couldn’t watch the moon because of the cloudy sky. It was exciting… I loved your photographs. Thank you, love, nia

    • We felt very lucky that the eclipse happened on a night when the clouds and the fog did not obscure our view of the heavens! The moon rose already eclipsed, so we only saw the second half, but it was amazing!

  2. Excellent, dear Quimper Hittys! How beautiful! The Wiregrass was covered in a sky like lace*, with the eclipsed moon making one half-hearted appearance lasting but a few minutes. Sigh. *When The Sky Is Like Lace by Elinor Lander Horwitz – a favorite book.

  3. Wow indeed, looks like they got a really good view of it! As for the Rose Cottage Hitty household, we were completely oblivious and went to bed for an early night and missed it – especially frustrating as last night was the first clear night we had had in ages! Typical.

    • Oh dear, well, the Quimper folk have slept through eclipses too. It probably occurred at a dreadfully early hour in your part of the world anyway, and it is much harder to get up at 3 am than it is to go out for a stroll after dinner!

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