Carrot Soup Upsidedown

Hung out to Dry

Hung out to Dry

Carrot Soup has been having a few adjustments…

 Her right leg was a real problem.  The original hole at the top of the leg was drilled at a slant, so it was filled and a new straight hole drilled. The foot fell off again and had to be re-pegged, and  then her hips had to be adjusted.  The hole had to be repositioned to fit the height of the leg holes, and the crutch length reduced so she could sit.

A half dozen bouts of sanding alternating with and clear matte spray have occurred…There are a lot of minor fiddles to do and I think her legs will never be quite right, but she is still smiling despite being hung out to dry.




16 thoughts on “Carrot Soup Upsidedown

  1. Even upside down, Carrot soup is wonderful! Bet she will bring smiles and cheers to the cupboard!!!! Bravo on this superb addition!!!! Cannot wait to find out what adventures this little one has in store for us!!!!

  2. I am sure that she will be your most compassionate Hitty….having dealt with all these early infirmities and set backs. And I am also pretty sure she will be one of your cutest!! Even upside down and hung out to dry she is pretty special.

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