February Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

Eugenia went outside to check on the Witch Hazel and found it in full bloom…





…we think February will be more beautiful with these sunny coloured, and heavenly-scented flowers in our hedge!






16 thoughts on “February Witch Hazel

  1. We LOVE the flowers too!!! February may not bring these to us quite yet…but it is nice to be reminded that they will come….some day!!!! Actually melting now…back to huge patches of grass!!!

    • The colours were that saturated because it was raining! I took the pictures standing in a puddle, with Eugenia in the tree, my camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other! It was more energetic than usual!

  2. I love witch hazel. Ours start blooming in late December and make the air smell wonderful for a couple months. They’re such a wintertime gift-I should take the dolly crowd down to the creek to visit!

    • Witch hazel is truly astonishing – our little tree spent all year minding its own business in the thimbleberry hedge, and then this blaze of glory in the dead of winter just lifts us right up! Really, as you say a gift in a season of withdrawal.

  3. We don’t have witch hazel here..looks like we’d be on the very northern end of it’s possibly growing here. It’s fun to see this. So, it has a heavenly scent? How wonderful. Thanks, Eugenia, for a pleasantly scented way to start February.

    • We are so glad to have splurged and got ourselves this tree last year – and happy it seems to like our hedge. Just out of the corner of our eyes, when we catch a little knot of concentrated yellow in the deep brown of winter, it truly is a little spark of joy.

  4. Oh my goodness! How exquisite! Here, in the land of snow and ice, our colors are monochromatic and any splashes of color have been placed there, and not by Mother Nature. Even so, things like prayer flags hanging in trees are still a welcome touch of color. And flowers….. sigh….. are a long time away for us….

    • Most of our background colours are grey and brown, so we appreciate the colour too! I think where nature is still dormant, placing splashes of colour out where you can see and be uplifted by them is an excellent idea!

  5. another charming Pinny and what lovely flowers. Our witch hazel is barely in bud!! A breath of spring from the North…thank you!

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