Flower bulbs in January



Carrot Soup and Min decided to show Gillyflower their favourite book about flowers…


A little walk

A little walk

…and that inspired them all to get outside for a little walk among the window box pots.



Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Min was excited to see how tall the Grape Hyacinth has grown in just a couple of weeks…and then Gilly spotted another baby one!



Mini Iris Shoots

Mini Iris Shoots

And the mini Iris shoots are getting so tall!

We are all very pleased that this  year’s winter gardening project seems to be more successful than last year’s tulip disappointment with the block sisters…and hopefully the deer keep away!


6 thoughts on “Flower bulbs in January

    • We were surprised at the little grape hyacinths – we thought the iris flowers would be first…they aren’t far behind though, and the girls are keeping a close eye out to catch them as soon as they do bloom!

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