Evening Flower Walk

Bonnets On

Bonnets On

The human took Tatty and and Gillyflower on a post-prandial walk.


Top of the Hi;;

Top of the Hill

We got a ride up to the top of the hill…

Thank you, your honour

Thank you, Your Honour

…to the Lieutenant Governor’s  garden…

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome

…where the grounds are open to the public until dusk.



Gilly balanced…



Exotic Primrose

Exotic Primrose

…Tatty lifted…



More Exotic Primroses

More Exotic Primroses

…and they both admired!



They don’t know what this plant is, but it was a good place to sit for a minute before walking back down the hill.



Our very own flower pot narcissus are pretty nice too!

Thanks to Dr David Lam who first opened up the Lieutenant Governor’s Garden, to Their Subsequent Honours for keeping up the tradition, and to the volunteers who do the work!


18 thoughts on “Evening Flower Walk

  1. How enchanting! Tatty and Gilly look like illustrations from a Kate Greenaway book. It’s so lovely to see the beautiful flowers- thank you! We are having snow today, so the flowers are even more welcome! ❤

    • They are a bit Kate Greenaway-ish perhaps it is the bonnets, and long pantalettes? They did enjoy the garden stroll, I sure hope your spring comes soon- enough with the snow!

  2. Our current Lieutenant Governor would attract Gillie and Tatty: Stewards of the Future (SoF) is an exciting new youth initiative of the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The program is a province-wide high-school student initiative designed to engage students in hands-on activities and “real-world” learning experiences in their communities. Its overall goal is to: “help students understand the complexity of our relationship with the environment and their responsibility to be leaders and stewards of the future now”
    (Stewards of the Future Concept document, Dec. 2013).

  3. Your photo stories are multi-dimensional… I relish seeing these sweet loving “little beings” in all sorts of situations and life experiences, I get to go on outdoor fieldtrips vicariously and finally enter the wonderful realm of fantasy. So much wonder, love, and beauty to appreciate and enjoy.

  4. Enchanting is exactly the right term for this story..from Gilly being lifted from her crib to the lovely flowers…magic!
    thank you again for doing these wonderful posts for us.

  5. Enchanting indeed. Your stories and photos just keep getting better and better…it’s always a joy to read how the QHs spend their time.

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