Waffles for Hittys



Constance has prepared an excellent breakfast for the Quimper Hittys…



…but these waffles are too beautiful to eat!



Happy Waffle Day!

This is one of the Quimper Hittys favourite celebrations, originating as it does in a Swedish Mondegreen.

For a link to Waffle Day information, click here.





10 thoughts on “Waffles for Hittys

  1. Well, if there’s enough room at the table, I’d like to be there to savor the beauty of the setting, the pretty blue colors that come up here and there, and of course, the sedate Constance as hostess.

    • This was photographed early in the morning when everything has a bluish tint! The table is very small as you can see, but we nevertheless all hope you can sit at our welcome table one of these days!

  2. Master Chefs are fond of saying, “We eat with our eyes first…They would be proud of Constance. She sure knows how to set a scrumptious table complete with a blue color theme. YUM.

  3. Constance has set a lovely table…exquisite table ware as well as tasty waffles. Really admiring the entire photo.. ahhh waffles…how long it has been since I made them. Thank you for this . I enjoyed learning about waffle day!

    • The silverware was made by the incomparable tc Vollum, our favourite cutler, and we love the pretty painted Henriot Quimper waffle plate! It is so fun to set up our scenes, I am glad you like the results!

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