Hatty and Elizabeth

Hatty and Elizabeth

Last Friday lunchtime the Quimper Hitty human rescued this small reproduction china doll, from a charity shop.  The doll’s name is Elizabeth according to a hand-written label stuck to the underside of her little stand.  She is sewn into her pretty hand made clothes which include a silk dress and hair ribbon, and nice underthings. Elizabeth has taken up residence in the human’s office, on top of the filing cabinet in the Museum.  Elizabeth will enjoy the daily company of whichever Hitty comes with me to work!  This week Hatty  is the pocket Hitty, and she and Elizabeth spent some time visiting the current display in my Hitty-sized Office Art Gallery.



The gallery was made by a student and at the moment it has a small exhibit of insect related materials. A lovely postcard from the City of Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery….

Jerusalem Cricket

Jerusalem Cricket

…some bottled specimens…



…and a plastic cockroach.  Elizabeth did not like the cockroach which was longer than her arm.  Insects are rather wonderful beings, but the human is glad that even the largest living cockroach is smaller than her arm.


10 thoughts on “Insects

  1. Elizabeth is a lovely addition to the QHs group of friends. What a dear little one to greet you and a Hitty each day at work.

  2. Elizabeth is so pretty.
    She has gorgeous red hair, a beautiful face and that wonderful old-fashioned dress is exquisite. The universe put her in the right place at the right time for her to end up in your world.
    I can see by the expression on Hatty’s face that she is doing everything in her power to make Elizabeth feel welcomed and wanted. However, possibly, the love of some insects might be an acquired taste…Hummm…maybe that isn’t the best way to word that.

    • ha ha you are right, about insects being an acquired taste! Hatty is kind and gentle but Elizabeth may just always be a little reluctant to join in a proper Hitty frolic. We’ll see. Perhaps at heart she is a decorative rather than a mischievous little miss.

  3. what a lucky time you have had lately with delightful acquisitions for the HIttys! Lovely knitting and now a new friend 🙂 Elizabeth is a dear little companion to the QH’s and it looks like they are getting along beautifully. I hope that she won’t be alarmed by Crokkie and the Grasshopper! I love the mini museum and the lovely Hitty sized furniture that is perfectly placed for the QH’s comfort 🙂

  4. Elizabeth is a lovely little miss. Perhaps a Mignonette? Just the right size for one. I believe I share her alarm at the size of that cock roach! will be fun to see her with the other Quimper Hittys…trying to imagine Elizabeth and the block twins.

    • I am afraid her clothes are sewn so tightly on that I can’t see any identifying marks. She is going to stay at the Museum, I don’t think she should be subjected to the Block Twins’s antics!

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