Roberto Devereux

Innocent Blue Scarf

Innocent Blue Scarf

Yesterday Constance and I went to the MET’s Live in HD presentation of  Donizetti’s Roberto Devereux, a production in which the melodious singing, and fabulous costumes overrode the slightly less than accurate portrayal of historical facts.

In the opera, Sondra Radvanovsky was spectacular as the aging queen Elizabeth I besotted with the young rake Robert, Earl of Essex. He in turn is in love with Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting, Sarah, who is married to the Duke of Nottingham.  Sarah fatefully embroiders an interesting blue silk scarf with gold threads, which she gives to Robert as a token of  love. Our household delights in the fact that a textile is the object upon which the plot turns – the discovery of the scarf in Robert’s possession is the catalyst, setting in motion the intense and melodious conclusion of this opera, which includes  betrayal, arrest, abdication, decapitation, and general doom.  We note that yet again the pivotal textile object misses the curtain call.

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8 thoughts on “Roberto Devereux

  1. One would think that the very term “Curtain Call” would motivate those in charge of the production to give credit where credit is due. “Muggles”
    Constance’s beautifully sewn gown and blue scarf looks simply Grande. Brava dear Constance.

  2. Thank you for the precis of the the opera…. we were busy with other things and so I was only able to catch bits and pieces of it. The HIttys should stage an opera that celebrate the threads of time!

    • Since we live in the pacific time zone, we can sometimes see the entire live in New York opera on the screen, then listen to it all over again at home. Sometimes once is enough! We have been thinking of staging an opera with the Hittys.. We’ll see what transpires.

  3. Always a joy to hear the Quimper interpretation of the opera productions. Especially nice as I can only get it on the radio! Love the “color commentary”. ANd of course Constance is stunning in the infamous scarf and that lovely tailored dress.

    • Constance searched high and low for her Opera dress, to no avail…this one is a good replacement, but we wonder where the musical one went? She may have to wear the substitute this Friday evening when we go to the Pacific Opera performance! We are glad you like our Operatic musings!

  4. Isn’t it interesting how hankies feature in opera, too? Sad that such a lovely and evocative little object has passed out of common usage. I was just given a box of exquisite old hankies and am contemplating how best to use them. Such delicate and tender treasures…..

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