Bee Balm Sprouts



Min’s Bee Balm sprouted!

Grow Sprouts Grow

Grow Sprouts Grow

The wee plants are healthy so far…





11 thoughts on “Bee Balm Sprouts

  1. Congrats to Min for her gardening skills. My girls have planted milkweed seeds to hopefully feed the Monarch butterfly caterpillars. They have not sprouted yet. Hope the seedlings continue to prosper. Min looks so fetching in her sweater and skirt ensemble.

    • I was worried on Min’s behalf, what with my purple thumb, and the surface developing some mildew spots. We’ll do our best to keep them alive, though gardening isn’t my forté.

  2. Could anyone be more adorable than Min? With her “Oh so sweet” little skirt and sweater, those little Mary Jane shoes and that pink bow in her hair. You can see the delight in her face when she sees the sprouts…just hope they are the dwarf variety…or they will look like Jack’s beanstalk to Min.

    • I am pretty sure no one could be as adorable as Min! She loves her skirt but wishes her sweater had yellow and black stripes, and wings!! The things the Hittys ask me to do for them are legion…I am pretty sure Min would adore the idea of beanstalk-sized bee balm, but I don’t know which it is.

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