King Kamehameha Day 2016



Even on an overcast, chilly day, Min insisted on celebrating her favourite Hawaiian Holiday…



…so the human got busy and finished the cut-out-but-not-sewn pinafore-dress that our visiting friend gave us a couple of weeks ago.



Min is happy with the result…

Happy King Kamehameha Day!

Happy King Kamehameha Day!

…now she can wish everyone a very Happy King Kamehameha Day!!!

In Hawaii, the day is celebrated by wearing lei and draping them onto statues of King Kamehameha.  It is also a good time for performing a Hula dance.  Hittys can manage the Lei but unfortunately, not the dancing…while their spirits  are willing, their pegs are not.




10 thoughts on “King Kamehameha Day 2016

  1. another lesson in Holiday merry making. The Quimper Hittys are genius at this! Enjoyed the information and getting to see Min in action. ALso love the bouquet behind her!

  2. I couldn’t have said it better than Sherry did. Min does looks delightful in her new yellow pinafore and that adorable lei. It’s fun to celebrate holidays Hitty style. Also love that gorgeous flower arrangement.

    • We picked the white Hebe specially to make the lei for Min! The purple is a flower we call Toadflax and it is a weed around here. The pink is also a weed – Valerian, though it does also have medicinal purposes I think.

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