Tansy Explores the Passing Cloud

Tansy admires the anchor chain

Let’s start at the bow

Tansy explored the Passing Cloud when she was not working. She looked in all the nooks and crannies, usually with an eye for a good spot to rest and take in the view.

A spot with a good view

A spot with a good view

She was always careful to hold on as no one wanted to practice the doll overboard drill for real.


Hold on!

Hold on to the handrail!

Click on any image in the gallery below to see a larger version, navigate with the arrows.



11 thoughts on “Tansy Explores the Passing Cloud

  1. what a great tour…I am trying to imagine what a wonderful experience it would be to journey on this craft. Thanks for sharing this. And of course having Tansy as the tour guide is a huge plus.

  2. The first photo showing the clouds swirling around the tops of the mountain and then the final photo showing the clouds almost encasing the entire mountain is amazing to see. This has been a great adventure watching Tansy in her element. She is such a helpful and supportive Hitty.

  3. Great photographs of the clouds, mountain and boat. Looks like Tansy is enjoying herself and so are we enjoying the photographs

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