Two girls

Aurelia and Amelia

Aurelia and Amelia

The two girls that came home with me from Oregon are undergoing a few last adjustments.





Amelia is patiently waiting – she came home with pieces of lumber in a zip-lock bag so her legs had to get roughed out, pegged, trimmed, painted and attached with elastic, but…. they are nearly done now!



…but Aurelia is ready to go!

Thanks to a Hitty friend for the marvelous dress that arrived in the mail today – it suits Aurelia perfectly!

15 thoughts on “Two girls

  1. What wonderful Hittys. They are both adorable. I love Amelia’s smile. She looks so happy and seems contented knowing that her human (who carved her with obvious love) will make her mobile as soon as she is able. Aurelia, is just as delightful… her sweet face, hair and side part… the little textile and yarn dress that your friend made for her is brilliant. The color’s compliment her wood tone and hair. Two sweethearts for sure.

    • Thanks very much! Amelia is going to be a real sweetheart, and an adventurous soul! I do love them both!! That dress is one of two that just arrived to surprise and delight us! Aurelia looks so perfect in it, doesn’t she?

  2. such expressive faces…your new girls are wonderful additions to the family and a testament to your increasing skills with a knife! All of your and old have such personality and charm.

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