Person’s Day 2016

Quimper Hittys recreating a famous sculpture of the Famous Five


The Quimper Hittys have posed in a scene immortalised  in a famous sculpture (link) of the “Famous Five”.

Thanks are due to Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, Nellie McClung and Henrietta Muir Edwards who believed in gender equality under the law in Canada.

In 1929 they were successful in changing the law to reflect that belief by taking their argument to Highest Court of the Land which resulted in the declaration that women were in fact persons.

 Click here for the Status of Women Canada Website about Persons Day.

Happy Persons Day to all men and women who believe in equal rights in Canada and everywhere!





15 thoughts on “Person’s Day 2016

    • Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoy my ruminations! The five ladies were in persistent and they succeeded! It almost seems a silly argument now, but it began to open some doors!

    • The Hittys admire these women’s persistence and their insistence. We are better for it, and some of the things they fought for seem so normal now it is good to remember the work that brought us here.

    • The youngest of these women was 56 and the eldest 80 when the judgement was rendered…I bet they needed to take a well-deserved break and so I rather think the tea was restorative in nature, rather than symbolic. But you never know…

  1. Hurrah! And, truly amazing that in Canada, this is relatively so recent. May it blossom so that all of humanity feels passionate compassion for all of life and the planet, too! Thank you for this beautiful reminder of a precious moment of great good!

  2. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that not that long ago women had to fight to be recognized as persons. I’m happy to see Amelia is busy pursuing her passions and has found her niche with others who are like minded.

    • Isn’t it a strange thing to imagine not being considered a person? We are lucky there were people who believed in it strongly enough to make it seem just normal here now. I hope for more versions of equality to become normal some day – perhaps this celebration can give us hope!

  3. Wonderful tableau and information. Universal vote for women was won in the US in 1920….amazing that so recently we were so dismissed. And that vigilance is ever necessary to make sure all people are indeed PEOPLE!! Thanks for this great reminder to all of us.

    • Canadian women got the vote province by province starting in 1916, but there were some aspects of the law, like this one that needed amelioration (perhaps that is why Amelia was keen to pose in the tableau!)

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