Squares into quilts

Piles of Squares

Piles of Squares

Rainy Saturdays are good for stitching and sewing.

Pink Top

Pink Top

In September, Constance and I went through our box of neatened, trimmed square squares, and made a Pink-themed quilt top!



Today we got going on the blue-themed top which meant a lot of arranging



And Pressing!

Blue Top

Blue Top

We stitched until we ran out of daylight!  There will be a bit more stitching to do tomorrow, then we’ll trim it to exactly the same size as the pink one and bind it.  Our friend will have two, almost matching new old quilts!

Click Here to see the beginning of this project!




12 thoughts on “Squares into quilts

  1. I never imagined how much of a helper Constance is!!!! Sooooooo patient and dedicated…but she went to Compostelle, didn’t she? Quite the character shaper!!! The two of you form a most creative team!!!! Bravo…These quilts will be cherished!!!!

    • Constance certainly learned a new definition of patience and perseverance on the Camino with me…she is the best kind of companion, non-judgmental, and amiable. She very much encourages generosity and creativity in me!

    • Thank you – we are glad you like them! We are lucky to have Hitty friends like the friends who sent us the squares. We are very happy to send them these quilts for their beautiful bedroom!

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