November Up and Down



Walking up in the hedges…



Horse Chestnut ditch

Horse Chestnut ditch

…and down in the ditches…



Amelia can’t decide which she likes better. Up is where the late-blooming flowers are like Ceanothus and Viburnum…

Yew gutter

Yew gutter

…but down is interesting too.


Rose Thicket

Rose Thicket

Both ups and downs are part of life, and from up here in the rose thicket…




…there is a good view down to the shore.

9 thoughts on “November Up and Down

  1. This story brings the song” Nothing but a Breeze” by John Denver to my mind.
    He sings ♫ I would like to go where the grass is greener, I couldn’t really say where it may be. But some place high on a mountain top, down by the deep blue sea. ♫
    I guess lots of us want both worlds. The best of ups and downs.

  2. November has been a month of literal ups and downs here with the Country Hittys but we are now enjoying only the ups! Amelia is lovely as are your photos!!

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