Pomander Kumquats

The request

The request

When a bag of kumquats came home from the shops,  three Dalahäster encouraged Amelia to make Hitty-sized pomander balls.

Pushing in the clove bud

Pushing in the clove bud

Who could resist such encouragement?!

The start

The start

…citrus and clove oils all over our hands…

spicy sweet

spicy sweet

…surely one of the most delicious smelling projects of the season!

After the Hittys have done with sniffing and admiring, these will be dried, stored, and then added to our festive spiced apple cider!

10 thoughts on “Pomander Kumquats

  1. Oh, that wonderful fragrance is coming right through to my computer. Yesterday’s story of the snow was soooooo sweet. Especially loved the Wheeee on the sled going down the hill. The first snowfall is so magical.

    • Min liked the sledding too, in fact she kept skidding on down that tiny slope while I tried to catch her picture going down! The first snow is usually the only snow around here, but it seems like it might snow again – the wooden girls are hoping so!

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