Persian New Year

Haft Seen

It is time to celebrate Nowruz – the Persian New Year, so we have set a Haft Seen table!

Seven S’s

Our special table is set with symbolic items, including seven things beginning with the Persian letter S – Haft means “seven” and Seen is the letter “S” in Farsi.

Our table has: sprouted wheat grass, sybolising renewal;  Garlic for medicine and health; apples for preserving and holding onto goodness; vinegar for bitterness in life that is balanced by the sweet; powdered sumac fruit, for the colour of the sunrise; eggs for fertility; a book of Persian Poetry for wisdom; a mirror to reflect back to you the things about yourself you would like to improve; candles for the children in the family; and flowers for beauty.

Other things we could have put on our Haft Seen table are dried fruit, coins, a special wheat pudding, candy, a goldfish…




Our favourite Nowruz tradition is to have an orange floating in a bowl of water. At the exact moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator the orange will quiver! How Marvellous!

نوروز مبارك (Nowruz Mobarak) to all our Persian friends and relatives!

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