Old Apple – New Quince


Half our old Apple tree fell over last year, and the remaining half was removed a few months ago. Amelia and Carrot Soup fondly remembered all the apple pie, sauce and crumble, dried apples, baked apples and crisp juicy raw apples that this tree gave us.


The tree yielded many apples, memories, and a large stack of firewood…




…and the quince sapling is looking healthy so far!







15 thoughts on “Old Apple – New Quince

  1. It’s wonderful that you will get to experience a new tree in your yard, and great that you have such fond memories of the apple tree.

  2. It’s sad to say goodbye to a beloved tree, isn’t it? Blessings upon your new tree! Are there any Hittys waiting to be carved from your apple tree? In fact, my intrepid DH just trimmed our apple tree, and I can feel that there are dolls waiting to be carved from the trimmings 🙂

  3. Quince jelly and jam…yummy thoughts!!!! Bet you’ll come up with extraordinary treats!!! I’m with friend suggesting an apple Hitty!!!!

  4. The loss of a special tree is losing a friend. We had an oak tree that we named “Grandad”. He was large and stately. We called him Grandad because we felt so protected and loved by him. Birds brought up their young in him year after year. He provided shade to our yard and my tea cup poodle would take naps under him. I actually would embrace his rough trunk and thank him for the loving energy he radiated.
    Nothing living lasts forever, and a terrible winter blizzard toppled him. The loss was immense. I think of him to this day, and I believe one of the reasons (the many reasons) I love all Hittys so much is because in some small way, I think of our little woodens as a way for the loving energy in their trees to have another special life.
    Sorry for your loss.

    • And I am sorry for yours – we are still getting used to the difference in light, and the various other changes that have resulted (buying apples for instance – how strange!)

  5. the girls in their rain coats and bright happy faces are a lovely sight. I am nurturing a few new trees in our yard and will be thinking positive thoughts for yours.

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