Nearly Done

Warm sun

The new girl got a final spritz of Low Odour Clear Matte coating first thing in the morning before the human went to work…




…we found a patch of sun to dry her in, and while we were at work, the Hitty’s favourite photographer couldn’t resist taking a few photos.


Upside Down

Our girl has to be patient for one more day!




18 thoughts on “Nearly Done

  1. Oh MY! We do hope she was under anasthesia still! Does she have a name yet? We hope she is soon recovering from birth-surgery and ready to enjoy life.
    Mary and Roberta N-Q-Hitty

    • Normally I don’t do any carving after the painting is done, because for me they aren’t “alive” until they can see with their own eyes. Perhaps there is a natural tree-anaesthetic? The girls have not complained yet!

  2. Ah, we see – Patience is her name? It is a very pretty name and would suit her perfectly.
    M. & R. N-Q-H xxxxxx

  3. I see ”Gilly flower” is anxiously awaiting the new Hittys completion. No doubt she is keeping her company and telling her all about the wonderful family she is about to be part of.

  4. Thank goodness for the Hittys favourite photographer to be there on hand to take photos… I am sure there has been many a Hitty who has hung in a similar manner! Can’t wait to see her in her upright position.

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