Last year a chestnut tree limb was removed before it could blow off in a storm.  It lay on the ground in a friend’s yard for a while, during which time the spalting occurred, dark streaks and texture changes resulting from fungal invasion in the wood. Another friend turned the spalted wood into a couple of blanks.




Nice to meet you

After languishing in my carving basket for ten months,  I carved, and clothed a doll at last.  Tephra is now prepared to meet her sisters!



Happy to meet you too

Tephra was finished on the 18th of April 2017.

Her name is a geological word for layers of volcanic ash and other ejecta which are sometimes present in soil strata. Archaeologists love clearly defined tephra – they are used to calculate dates, and are unambiguous age determinants.

Hitty Tephra is glad about the strong line on her face, she thinks it is a reminder that people (and dolls) think with both sides of the brain, making us both creative and logical…



Ready to walk

I am happy to say that her personality does not seem to be at all volcanic…

Thanks to the Hitty’s favourite photographer for Tephra’s name.  While the human whittled, carved, gouged and sanded, the photographer recounted an interesting conference paper, which described how volcanic ash layers are used to date Viking sites in Iceland.




21 thoughts on “Tephra

  1. She’s stunning! I love birthmarks on Hittys. Smooth, blond woods are all very well, but carrying the marks of the tree they were born from gives Hittys very distinct faces. You could never mistake this young lady for any other Hitty.
    Welcome to the Hitty world, Tephra!

    • Thank you very much – I am also partial to “grain” in my wooden girls – Tephra is certainly a unique individual – her face reminds me of the good friend that gave me the wood!

  2. Congratulations on this beautiful new addition to your household, all of you Quimper habitants!!!! More love and beauty among your family and…maybe more adventures to share???? Her name sounds very appropriate and she looks like she’ll own it and have a special life!!! Welcome to our world, Hitty Tephra ❤️

    • We are glad to have her – I think she will have some adventures, I will certainly let you know about them when she does! Tephra likes her name a lot – thanks, favourite photographer!

  3. Fascinating, I loved reading this post, geology always fascinates me and I love how she came by her name. A good choice. Tephra has a lovely happy cheerful face, I couldn’t ever imagine her having a volcanic nature.

  4. I love Tephra! I also love that she has a birthmark on her face. I have a birthmark on my face, and people have questioned me about it since I was a child. When I was born, the doctor told my mother to have the birthmark surgically removed and she said absolutely NOT! That it was one of the things that made me unique, and I have always been glad that she staunchly believed that. Hittys and humans are all special in their own ways and I am so happy that you celebrate that diversity in the magical dolls that you carve. There is no ‘imperfect’, only unique perfection! Tephra is enchanting. Once again, you have created magic. ❤

  5. It appears that Gráinne and Tephra are having a “past-life” remembrance by the looks in their eyes. Perhaps the trees from their first life were near one another? I think they will be close friends. Tephra is enchanting…that’s the only word I can think of to describe her…she has a look of a very wise one. What a wonderful new member of your cupboard…and so great that we all get to love her too.

  6. I posted this before I read Tottietalkscrafts comment. She and I both see/feel an enchantment coming from Tephra.

  7. It seems that all of your girls have such definite personalities..and Tephra is another fine addition to the Quimper Cupboard Family. Congrats to you on her creation.

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