Fine Dining in the South

Salmon going into the dishwasher

 The humans attempted to create a culinary masterpiece with salmon, aluminium foil, and the dishwasher.

Raisin, Gráinne and Bonnie were skeptical…



Salmon coming out of the dishwasher

…but they watched the process carefully…



Salmon ready to eat

…and they decided that it did a fine job of cooking the fish!

Unfortunately, the resulting fishy odour permeated the dishwasher for several cycles afterwards.







8 thoughts on “Fine Dining in the South

  1. I as wondering about the “fishy” odor thing….but happy that dinner came out okay. Now I am wondering whose bright idea this was???

    • I think the instigator shall remain nameless! The fishy odour was reduced by repeated wash cycles, and appeared to have been eliminated once and for all by the application of bleach. Thicker grade aluminium foil may prevent the odour (and drippings) from escaping next time (if there is a next time).

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