Out and about


Amelia bravely underwent surgery to fix a stiff neck, and we are happy to report it was successful!


The morning after surgery, she put on her bonnet and went into town, where a cluster of flowers caught her eye…



Sewing Supplies

We stopped in at The Butler Did It”our favourite antique shop, where we picked up a few vintage sewing supplies…



Chest of drawers

 …but we resisted the cute little chest of drawers…




We did come home with a perfect little brass candlestick…




…and a tiny tiny flower frog for arranging Hitty-sized Ikebana.










8 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. Oh how splendid…so happy to see the stiff neck corrected. Hard to imagine a Quimper Hitty with a stiff neck!
    Lovely finds from the antique store. Love that name. Glad to see such fun!

  2. So relieved to see Amelia’s surgery was such a success. Her first outing was a day filled with wonderful finds and surprises.

  3. Congrats to the wood surgeon on a job well done. Antique/vintage shopping seems to me a good way to celebrate such success….and Amelia, we’re glad that you have had such a great recovery.

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