Northward bound

Little Red Chair

Amelia and Tuesday helped me do some fabric shopping on the way home from the south.




Pin Cushion

A friend commissioned me to look out for fabric with prints reproduced from the 1860’s.  Several other fabric shops recommended Momma Made It  in Longview Washington, so we changed our original plan and took a different route home.




It was a very pleasant shop stacked almost to the ceiling with cloth, mostly printed cottons but also some pretty felted wool fabric…



Little Machines

…and up on the very top shelf, giant wood bobbins, and tiny sewing machines – one of them a Singer # 20, exactly like ours!



Little Quilt

Amelia and Tuesday experimented on a sweet little quilt, but it was not quite little enough to take home to the Hitty cupboard…



little prints

…however we did bring home a stack of fabric for our friend, and a roll of smallish prints for the Hitty quilt stash.

Thanks very much to the very kind customer who topped up my cash when I was two dollars short in US funds!



Momma Made It is at:

2121 8th Ave, Longview WA

Or click here for a link to their website.





10 thoughts on “Northward bound

  1. Sigh! This would be our idea of heaven. There are so few stores like this one here in the UK and even the ones selling imported American quilting fabrics forget that some of us need tiny prints and buy in the larger ones.

    And just imagine, this store even stocks Hitty-size pincushions. What a remarkable place! Perhaps it is time we made a trip back to the land of our carving.

    With our love,
    Mary and Roberta N-Q-H xxxxx

    • It was a wonderful shop! We were so glad we changed our route and went past it! I remember a little quilt shop in Eqst Molesey when I lived there but that was 25 years ago more or less… I hope you do find one nearer but On the other hand, it is a good excuse for traveling!

  2. I know what a find it is to come upon a fabric store like this. We are very fortunate to have a quilting fabric store a few miles from us. It’s called “The Round Bobbin” and we spend hours in that store every month. The fabrics are so charming that I fear we have purchased more than we have enough years left in our lives to use…but soooooooo much fun till then.

    • There really is something delicious about lots of pieces of beautiful fabric…we are glad Hitty items tend to use up very little, so we don’t normally buy more than a half meter or so…

  3. what a wonderful detour. Love seeing the girls amid the fabric. I must say I really admire how you did Tuesday’s hair! What a charmer. And how nice to hear that a kindly person helped you out at the cash register.!

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