Amelia Appreciates Black Cats


Amelia loves our new kitty…





Siyah’s name means “Black” in Turkish.



Pat with claws

Siyah appreciates Amelia too…



Nice Kitty

…but Amelia decided she’d better appreciate Siyah from a distance, and went to talk to Bastet for a while instead.



Today is Black cat appreciation day in the United States, and the Quimper Hitty cupboard decided to join in the fun! We also intend to commemorate the Black Cat day that is celebrated in the UK on October 27th!







11 thoughts on “Amelia Appreciates Black Cats

  1. This is absolutely adorable. Love the photo of Siyah pawing Amelia’s foot. Friendship at its best. Amelia’s cat pinafore is delightful. Wonderful!!!!!

  2. what a great pinny. We have 6 black cats in our barn!! A veritable festival of black cats!! I shall give them some extra treats today to celebrate their day.

  3. I love how you are always in the right place at the right time! Perfect timing on clicking the enchanting moments with Siyah and Amelia, and perfect timing to find that magical little kitty hanky for Amelia!

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